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About Us

Clean Ocean & Beach Initiative or COBI was created to clean up local beaches in mainly the central/southern part of Florida.   Our volunteers have lived all over Florida and we all share the same passion of wanting to see a litter free beach.  Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  So it would make no sense to trash them yet it happens all the time.  Like so many other beach lovers we got tired of seeing all the trash left by tourists and thought we would do something about it.   


We are just a small organization that simply wants to see the beach free of trash.  By educating the public about the importance of a clean beach, we feel that this could have a huge impact.  Its important for out-of-towners to know the importance a keeping both the ocean and beach free of trash. So help us out as we can't do it alone.  

Let's clean the beaches and keep them clean

Our Mission

Our mission is to have every beach free of trash.  Since we cannot be everywhere it starts with you.   Spread the word about COBI to friends and family.  Together we can have a huge effect of the environment as a whole.  

Our goal is to reach people who still leave their trash on the beach and for them to realize what kind of a negative effect this has on beach lovers and locals alike.

Our Vision

Imagine seeing the ocean and beach free of trash.  It would be a beautiful site and that's exactly what our vision is.  Its sad that in 2020 people still litter but our vision is to have these people stop leaving their trash and join us in our quest to have a trash free ocean and beach.

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