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About the Artist

     VALLE is an artist that lives in the St Pete Beach, FL area.  His artwork is inspired by the ocean and the beach..
     His works reflect an easy going laid-back attitude.   He has lived all over Florida and has ended up at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

     He has partnered up with COBI: Clean Ocean and Beach Initiative which are determined to keep the beaches clean from St. Pete Beach to


Clearwater Beach.  A portion of the profits from any VALLE  product goes to COBI.  Together they hope to keep these beautiful beaches clean from litter.  He is not only a sponsor of COBI but also their chief designer.  So take pride in knowing you are helping keep the beaches clean.

Valle's motto is "Toes in the Sand" as it represents just taking it easy and we hope that his vibe is carried on to you.

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