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Clean Ocean & Beach Initiative

     West and East Coast of Florida       

How you can help

Support COBI

By buying one of our many products you are helping to make the ocean and beach a cleaner place.  Wear our shirt with pride knowing that you are doing your part.

Leave only footprints

Leave only footprints when you visit the beach.  It's such a simple thing to pick up after yourself but it has a huge effect.

Take action

 Its unfortunate that some people leave their trash at the beach.  So if you see someone else's trash, please  pick it up and throw it away.  The sea creatures will thank you for it.

Beach Vacation

For a cleaner 



To help marine life


It starts with you

What we do

Here are at Clean Ocean & Beach Initiative or COBI for short, we grow tired of seeing so much trash at our local beach.   We share this opinion with so many other beach lovers.   The beach is a place of natural beauty and it actually confuses us that people would trash such a beautiful place but yet it happens everyday.

COBI was set up to educate both tourists and locals alike in the importance of throwing away your trash properly.    By purchasing one of our products, you are doing your part.  The t-shirts come with an educational pamphlet the tells you the importance of having a clean ocean and beach. You can feel good knowing that a portion of your money makes the beach a cleaner place.   A portion of profits also go to sea turtle rescue organizations on both the west and east coast of Florida.


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